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Hikari's MMOXXX Gameplay Test's! Empty Hikari's MMOXXX Gameplay Test's!

Post by Eleishia Lionheart on Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:54 pm

Since i keep getting chosen for Beta's, and im trying out several MMO's, of different types, i have been recording them and uploading thems.

So i thought id start posting them

First one:


DK Online Beta

Well, i've always been a fan of Aeria games, and when saw this, i just had to try it.

And i LOVE it so far, please note that although it doesnt look that good in graphics, they are going to upgrade them when the final game is released.

Enjoy Smile

DK = Dragon Knight


Absolute Force Online Beta Test


When i saw this game, i knew i wanted it.

I've wanted a game that combined FPS with TPS, and did it RIGHT, for a long time.

And this is it. FPS i love the gameplay, its smooth and fast and non-buggy like everything else.

TPS? Wow they did it perfectly, Accurate, Smooth Movement, everything.

Controls? WOW, i love them, only thing i dont like is that when i use my controller, clicking down on the Left Analog stick, it just makes u jump, not sprint.

Other then that, its pefect.

now its a Beta, so there are Bugs and Glitches, but so far i LOVE it!

I just hope they get rid of the "Fire in the Hole!" thing when they release the Full Game.

It really gets annoying :3

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