Upload Thread/Delete Penalties (MUST READ!)

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Upload Thread/Delete Penalties (MUST READ!) Empty Upload Thread/Delete Penalties (MUST READ!)

Post by Eleishia Lionheart on Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:01 pm

1. Active Upload Threads When you post an Upload Thread, You must keep the links valid and Active. If a Thread is found to have dead links, and the links are not Updated by the Creator of the Thread within 2 - 3 days, then a PM Will be sent by an Admin or Mod to the Creator, informing them of the Dead Links. If the PM is not read or ignored, and 2 more days have passed, the Thread will either be Archived or Edited by an Admin or Mod and updated with working links, and the member will be given another PM stating a Warning. If 3 warnings are done to a single member, that member will be Temporarily banned from posting any Uploads.
2. Negative Comments Negative Comments WILL NOT Be tolerated on anyones Upload Threads. If we see any Negative Comments, or Insults, The members who are making the comments will each be spent a PM with a Warning. If the Warning is ignored, and the fighting ensues, then that Member will be Temp Banned for a day. If the creator reacts to the Insults and starts insulting him/herself, then he/she will be given a Calm warning via PM, advising them not to react and to calm down. If they ignore another warning, then they to will be Temp Banned for a few hours.
3. Deleted Threads If a Thread gets deleted by a Moderator or Admin, and that Mod or Admin gets sent a Hate PM by the Creator, then that member will be immediately Temp Banned for a day. No Questions Asked. Sometimes, depending on the situation, it might be alleviated. However, they will have their Pilot Points reset.
4. Arguements If an Arguement procedes on a Thread, then that thread will be locked and corresponding Members will each be sent PM's with a Warning. If its a Discussion Thread and its bothering a certain member, that member is advised to PM an Admin or Moderator telling them about it, rather then commenting. The Thread will then be locked and Archived.
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