Uploaders Guidelines (MUST READ!)

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Uploaders Guidelines (MUST READ!) Empty Uploaders Guidelines (MUST READ!)

Post by Eleishia Lionheart on Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:40 pm


In order to see links and download anything here, you need to be a registrated and activated user on this forum. And do not steal our uploads/links, work on your own. If you see cool threads made by our members it means they worked hard to bring you good uploads. Dont abuse that.
2. Hotlinking
Do not Hotlink any images from blog or any servers here. Please upload images on free servers, such as photobucket.com, tinypic.com and such. If you have a photobucket account its easy to upload images directly from its url there.


Uploading Mods:

In order to upload Mods, you must follow these Guidelines! Otherwise your thread will be edited by a Mod or Admin or Removed.

Date Created: (For Archives)
Main Program Used (Optional): (Helpful for people viewing your Mod, though its not Required to put this up)
Credits: (Not needed if made COMPLETELY BY YOU)
Type of Mod: (3D, Animation, Texture)
Game: (What Game the Mod is meant for, and if the Game has Multiple Versions, YOU MUST STATE WHAT VERSION IT IS FOR. ie: UKWXP, 2.004 or 2.008.)

Picture Previews: (REQUIRED!)

Download Links:

Uploading ISO's:

If you are uploading Full Game ISO's, you must follow these Guidelines or your thread Might be Edited by a Mod or Admin or Removed.

Name Of Game:
Publishers: (can be easily obtained by simple Google Search)
Producers: (Same with this)
Developers: (as well as this)
Release Date: (Just google)
ISO File Size: (REQUIRED!, you must have had DOWNLOADED AND TESTED THIS YOURSELF, I dont want any False DL links that when all parts are Dled, it doesnt work)
Number of Parts: (Required)

Game Screenshots: (REQUIRED!)

Download Link(s):
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