General Rules, Follow or be Banned

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General Rules, Follow or be Banned Empty General Rules, Follow or be Banned

Post by MugenAttack on Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:16 pm

1. Show Respect - Do not spark fights, cause any harm to others, or use profanity towards others
2. Adult Content is Not Allowed - No hentai or nudity any where on this forum we need safe environment for everyone. Also no drug and alcohol talk. (You may do this stuff through the PMs)
3. No Spamming - We will like to keep a nice and clean looking forum.
4. Images - you may post any kind of image as long as its not disgusting or offensive to look at.
5. No Multi Accounting - we will perma-ban them all except your original one if you want a different name just change it in your profile. if you get caught twice doing multi accounting its a perma-ban.
6. Attacking this Forum - will result in temp ban if continues then permaban
7. Leechers - if we catch anyone downloading without contributing a thanks or something we will ban you with out question.

rule 3 does not apply to The Lounge

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